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Become a Travel Writer + Travel YouTuber + Travel Photographer

Do you wish that you could literally travel the world and get paid to tell the world about your experiences?  Guess what?  You can!

It usually takes tons of time to perfect each one of these skills and could take years to get paid for it!  These courses were designed by the VERY TOP vloggers, bloggers and photographers in the travel industry today and are sure to expedite you to getting paid for your passion….QUICK!

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Own your own Home Based Business /Online Business

Do you want to own your own Home Based Online Business but don’t know where to start?   Or maybe you are just having a little trouble trying to put all the pieces together so you can start to make money already!

You are not alone!  When we first started our online business, we had no idea where to start and who to trust.  We ended up spending too much time confused and broke…until we found this program! This program literally filled in the gaps and allowed us to finish building our business and make money while we were learning!

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Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Have you heard the buzz about Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people’s products) is the easiest way to make money online?  Well, if that were so, I am pretty sure everyone would have already quit their job and just be doing affiliate marketing.

The truth is, it’s not as easy as just posting a link everywhere.  If you have tried this, you know it doesn’t work.  But good news!  You can replace your 9-5 or even make more money.  You just need a good teacher and this program has the the leader in affiliate marketing (Mark Ling) since 1999!-What? The internet was around back then?!

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the home business academy

This program saved our entrepreneurial life and we highly, highly recommend this program. If you are just starting or have started your online biz and need help with marketing so you can start making money fast, this course is for you!  If you have been searching for a supportive community through your online journey, this program comes with 2 or even 3 amazing mastermind groups led by the two most amazing, giving, knowledgeable mentors we have ever had the pleasure of knowing!  Don’t hesitate…this made the difference in the world for us when we were about to throw the towel in and go back to jobs we hated!  And right now, it’s only  $1.00  to start!

Our secret weapon:

The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy is our “Secret Weapon” that took us from spinning our wheels of not knowing how to connect everything we learned about starting an online business to being able to take the action we needed to take to be to start generating revenue.  By becoming a member of The Home Business Academy you will automatically be signed up to have two mentors, the two guys who created it.  You become part of a family that is literally there to help you succeed.

They lay it all out for you and give you a roadmap to start making money straight away.  Mike and Paul are like the angels I needed and without them, I would have not been able to make it online.  Kris and I would have had to go back to work after trying desperately to make it online while drowning in information overload and not knowing how to connect the dots.

This membership is designed to help home business entrepreneurs to develop the mindset and the skillet necessary to succeed in home business.  

SuperStar Blogging

all about travel and getting paid to do it!

Super Star Blogging



People love video. Humans are visual creatures and video gives us a special connection to what and who we are watching. It’s engaging and exciting. Video makes everything seem more real and alive. Nowhere is this more apparent than travel. People love to see and experience places, know what they look like, hear the sounds, and watch people interact.

It allows us to go “wow” and imagine ourselves there a lot easier. It’s why the Travel Channel is so successful – and it is why online travel videos so some of the most popular on YouTube. If you’ve been thinking about getting into the travel video world, NOW is the time to kickstart your career making travel videos. Video is the wave of the future in the travel industry.




Now, two of the biggest travel YouTubers in the world, Nadine Sykora (from Hey Nadine) and Kristen Sarah (from Hopscotch the Globe), to create an in-depth course on how to make videos and succeed at YouTube.

Nadine and Kristen have both been making video for over 10 years and have a combined 400,000 subscribers and 53,000,000 views (and growing). They have worked with some of the biggest brands, tourism boards, and production companies. They are two of the most successful pure travel “vloggers” on YouTube and regularly speak at industry events on the subject. There’s no one better suited to help you make video!


Super Star Blogging
Super Star Blogging

Have you ever heard of Nomadic Matt?  Well he and his team are some of the biggest names in the Travel Blogging arena!  He and his team have put together 3 more programs to help you learn how to start a travel blog, ” The business of Travel Blogging” and a more in-depth course on Travel Writing as well as Travel Photography to jump start your Travel blog into a profitable niche that if done correctly by following their program will set you up to  get you free trips around the world and having a career based on adventure and exploring the earth!  How fun!  And how awesome to get these guys telling you exactly how to do it like a pro!  Get your adventure on Rockstars, cause this is what being a digital nomad is all about! 


Learn affiliate marketing from the pros!

There are so many websites and products out there that claim to be able to teach you how to make money online. How many of them do you suppose actually return on their promise?

Very few I’m guessing.

What’s more, most of them expect you to cough up some of your hard earned cash to pay for their content….

So what if I told you that I had found the best material for learning how to make money online through affiliate marketing and it cost, wait for it; NOTHING.

There must be a catch right? I must be missing something, right?

Wrong. Affilorama actually does exactly what they claim to do – teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, and it actually costs nothing to sign up:

* Affilorama has over 100 FREE video lessons
* Learn how to pick a profitable niche
* Learn how to build a money-magnet blog
* Learn how to generate traffic and SEO methods
* They have FREE interviews with leading affiliate marketers
* And they have a FREE comprehensive forum

All in all, Affilorama is one of the best places to get started
when you want to get into affiliate marketing. And you can’t
argue with the price!

Click this link or one of the pictures down below and Sign up today!

Key Benefits

  • Takes the confusion out of content creation: AffiloJetpack stops users from procrastinating because they get stumped at creating content. We provide the niches, professional graphics, hosting and newsletters and even build the website itself.
  • No more slow results: AffiloJetpack quickly builds optimized affiliate websites that convert, meaning users make money faster — on autopilot.
  • Save thousands of dollars: To source this much content (including 100+ emails per niche) it would usually cost thousands of dollars. Customers stop bleeding money through outsourcing.

Key Benefits

  • Over 100 free lessons: our lessons are packed actionable content on a wide range of topics including affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO and PPC.
  • It is absolutely free: there is no hidden cost or fees.
  • Learn from the professionals: in addition to lessons created by Mark Ling, users can access our range of interviews and videos from other professionals within the industry.

What Is Included

  • 100+ lessons that teach users actionable content for a range of subjects (SEO, PPC, site building, email marketing and more)
  • A virtual “lesson book” to keep track of the lessons you have covered, keeping you on track.
  • Access to Affilorama’s forums, one of the largest affiliate forums on the internet.
  • Access to our videos and webinars, where we speak straight to some of the biggest names in IM.


    By using these tools, I have been able to shoot up in the
    Google rankings – plus save lots of time too:

    * AffiloTools has a link finder, that lets you find high PR
    links hidden on the internet and go UP in Google’s rankings!
    * Use their backlink analyser tool to SPY on your competitors
    and swipe their best links!
    * Website Health Checker looks for onsite errors holding you back.
    * Lets you post updates to Facebook and Twitter from ONE place.
    * The dashboard shows vital data from Google Analytics & ClickBank!
    * Plus lots of other bonuses…

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