You know how when someone gets angry and someone needs 5 min to collect themselves…

Try living in an RV…

No space to take 5, blow your nose… or even have a quiet poo.

So, when two people live in close quarters and one person needs five…the other person has to be able to give you a moment of peace for 5 minutes.

Sound complicated? Nope.  Shouldn’t be

Unless you are married to my husband, in which, 5 minutes is something you can only ask galaxy holders for.  

“Please just try  to not make a peep for 5 minutes while I aimlessly attempt and collect myself”.

Otherwise, you and your cute little husband you adore and hate to fight with for no reason at all, are sleeping alone for the night….. just because he chose to not take the 5 you kindly asked of him in the first place.

My name is TiNK and welcome to my small little tiny little perfect home on wheels.

Just kidding, I would never use the word perfect to describe anything I owned as well in the same sentence…I’m messy and I’m REAL.   Life is not perfect and I would never claim any part of that word. In fact, I claim quite the opposite, because I like messy and with ADD, simply put, I am extremely messy.

 There is something beautiful in the un-perfect , and as an artist,  the im-perfect is usually where the most beautiful masterpiece has yet to be found.  If you ever feel broken, I promise I can find the beauty in that. And while it might make you upset at the time, I promise the book that has yet to be written from your pain will one day become the masterpiece of you life.

Where then did my masterpiece start to become my song?

Well…Before moving into what I thought was my  “Paradise” in Dec of 017,….we moved from a tiny house in Seattle to a HUGE house in the suburbs of Renton WA.  and I really mean enormous… and beautiful.  The truth is we couldn’t afford that enormous house and I really only had us move into that house because I was manifesting what I wanted and  thought for sure our business that we had just started would be growing enough to afford it.  

But before long-(6 short months later) we were completely broke, my husband broken from a motorcycle accident, and an illness tthat took me away from my job as a hairstylist to us trying to build an online business and spending every painful waking moment building that business…my step kids became bored with us and decided to move in full time back with their mom.

Heart broken and with nothing left, except our Dreams of seeing the world and aspirations to share our music with the world, we set out to create a new destiny for ourselves.   

“I will not let this drag me down. That in which does not kill you, makes you stronger- “

Question Mark?””

And after everything was said and done, we took all that we had left- in spirit and in cash- and sold our last worldly possessions.  With our life savings in our hands- that in which we had from selling both of our cars- we bought our first house.

A 1989 Fleetwood Bounder.

A Motor-home.

AKA…Breaking Bad.

Now, what to do with all 3500 square feet of our Enormous house?  And how do we squeeze that into this tiny 34 foot motorhome??

Well…I guess when you are suppose to be out of your Enormous house yesterday and your new house is sitting on your lawn…

Just Figure out what was important.. while distinguishing that ….on your front lawn…and then put the rest of our personal belongings into storage.

Ok..or be smart and DON’T DO WHAT I DO!…

You will soon see there is a common theme here, and for this i will enlighten you beforehand what the catch is…I am a huge idiot-admit tingly so-  that likes to go against what the “norm” of society does. And time after time without fail, this in itself seems to get me into “predicaments” from time to time.

But if you don’t try something, even when you were told it was wrong, how do you actually know until you experience it for yourself it to truly be wrong?

Well…you can watch what I do, see what works and when not to do what I do.  Then, after I manage to live the life of my dreams or hit myself in the forehead repeatedly, I would say you have a fair chance of finding rare opportunities of finding those gold moments that my life is based upon .

So back to my story…

So…this  was the biggest most unpredictable challenge I had ever taken on.  And I am here to tell you…planning is a good thing in these circumstances of moving into an RV/ Motorhome/ 5th wheel full-time from a normal life situation.  If this is the lifestyle that you want, it is fun, it is worth it, but it is much much less complicated when planned and even financially thought out.

We can tell you from first hand experience, what not to do.

And even better, what to do that has worked!  And to service you further from being able to see all of our “what-not-to-dos,” you will be able to watch along as we track our experience transitioning into full-time RVers from normal life, on our new channel on YouTube.  We will be documenting every second of our experience and our travels and how we are able to work online and make a living as we (with your help) travel around America first and then around the world.

All the  while, on a mission to see the world, play music for you and attempt to make a home out a where ever we are.

We will tell our story of what landed us here to be able to tell our story and have you come with us wherever we go.  We are just so grateful we were given a second chance in life. A chance to be kids once again, travel the world , enjoy our family and be free. Love every second of the life that we were given and share the rest  as we go.

This is our story ….we hope we can lift you up when you are down, show you around several towns and be apart of your life as our story unfolds.  We hope to give more than you ask and love you more than you could ever know. Because you’re the reason why we turn on the camera. We want you to learn from our mistakes and what not to do so that you can be the best you that you can be and then tell us about how to do just that.  

We want to share our passions and dreams and we want you to be the rock stars that we chase. We want you to be the traveling Rockstars we aspire to be.

Party on Rockstars!!