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Hi there fellow creators and business tribe members!

We are TiNK and Kris, both 36 musicians, artists and digital nomad entrepreneurs.  We love helping people to succeed in life and not have to struggle as we did starting an online business and creating memorable one of a kind experiences!

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Top 5 Reasons to do Collaborations

Top 5 Reasons to do collaborations according to this Article from The ballance small business :


1. Collaboration will inspire you.

It is easy to get into a routine during the day-to-day operations of your business and forget that there may be a better way to do something, different techniques to try, and new tools that can save you time and money.

While you can read blogs, magazines, and books for inspiration, if you are not communicating, sharing, and discussing that information, the benefits are limited. It is vital to get outside of your own head in order to get a fresh perspective, trigger your creativity, review incoming information objectively, and add new contexts to the data you are gathering so you can use it effectively. Going beyond what you do and see each day to explore collaboration can be inspiring and help you think in a new way.


2. Collaboration helps you grow your network.

Successful entrepreneurs have a common interest in meeting new people and building a list of contacts and colleagues. Being successful in business requires that you consistently make connections and form alliances. Imagine how your business would dwindle if you continued to network with and sell to the same group over and over again.

While every contact you make may not result in collaboration, every time you reach out to someone to explore the possibility, you are expanding your network.

3. Collaboration is educational.

One of the biggest benefits of collaboration is the opportunity for learning. In fact, every interaction you have with someone outside of your immediate circle can teach you something valuable. Some of the most successful collaborations involve two professionals who bring two very different skill sets, perspectives, and strengths to the table. When this happens, you are certain to be surrounded by learning opportunities.

4. Collaboration can help you save money.

Many collaborative relationships involve splitting intellectual contribution, hands-on work and, sometimes, expenses. If you collaborate with another business and part of the terms involve sharing development and marketing expenses, you can double your budget while reducing costs.

In this case, you can be fairly certain you will be getting a bigger bang for your buck than you would be if using only your own resources, provided all of the parties involved are equally invested in the success of the collaboration.

5. Collaboration solves problems.

There is a reason why crowdsourcing is so popular; there is an undeniable power in numbers. If one person can’t accomplish something on his or her own, two or three or more people may be able to get it done.

Think about the last difficult problem you faced in your business. When we get stumped, most of us immediately go to a partner, mentor, or other trusted resource who acts as a sounding board and helps us work through the problem. The harder the problem is to solve, the more we can benefit from getting the input of someone outside of the situation. And when you add new viewpoints and experiences to the mix, the end result will often transcend what you originally set out to accomplish.

The good news is that small business collaboration doesn’t necessarily require a significant time or financial investment. Continue reading for five easy collaboration ideas you can start in your small business today.




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